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Beautiful Distraction

Original Acrylic on Canvas (pouring liquid, spray paint). The basis of the painting was to show the gentleness of the colours to focus on versus the rough edges of the spray paint. Created with the idea that the spray paint represents noise and instead of listening to it - focus on the calmness of the inner self.

This was built during a time of complete unknown in life but each time I would gather myself I'd see something calming and soothing and this is the form it took.

The increase in the thickness of the paint in certain spots are supposed to represent a 'safe' and 'secure' sense of self. Like lying down in a warm bed.

The pouring liquid allows for a deeper colour hue for many aspects of the piece.

I went through a phase of using pouring liquid for many of my pieces as I found it to give more depth but also helped me let go of a specific direction at times.

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